Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So What Wednesday

Thanks so much for all of the ideas/support/emails/tweets on my last post.  You girls are the best!  I haven't 100% decided what I'm going to do just yet, but I'm leaning towards giving Weight Watchers another chance and incorporating some other stuff in with it.  I'll let you know what ends up working for me.

In the mean time, it's time for So What Wednesday over at L.A.I.D.

So what if:
  • I bought all of the ingredients for a recipe last night and now have no idea what said recipe is. I thought pregnancy brain was supposed to disappear once you were no longer pregnant? Yeah, that didn't happen for me!
  • I'm sitting here blogging instead of working even though this is one of my busiest weeks of the year and I have more work to do than I know what to do with.  Procrastination at its finest.
  • I really hate my career.  I am thankful for my job and I like the people I work with, but, dear Lord, I'd give anything to actually enjoy going to work everyday.  Seriously, accounting has got to be the worst career field ever. I wish I could go back in time and slap that stupid girl who chose this as her major instead of nursing!  WTF was she thinking?
  • I'm obsessed with Draw Something (username bambrika) even though I'm pretty sure I'm the world's worst artist (seriously, 95% of my drawings contain some kind of verbiage for clarity-sake).  It makes me laugh uncontrollably at myself..
  • I'm counting down the days until The Hunger Games comes out (although I'm a little confused as to why the casting of Gale & Peeta wasn't switched).  I can't wait.
  • I'm also counting down the days (59) until we leave on our cruise. Mama needs a vacation ASAP!  
What are you saying "so what" to this week?  Visit Shannon and tell us all about it!

Happy hump day, everyone!



Jes said...

draw something is going to be my new form of insomnia in that thanks to the game, and the fact i keep my phone on my night stand, i will never get sleep until i get sick of the game!

xx jes

Natalie said...

I cannot wait for the Hunger Games...YAY!

angelaluvnlife said...

I did weight watchers and lost 60lbs about 4 years ago. than got pregnant and relost it haha just recently found about 15lbs :) but back on the horse and am going to relose it. I learned weight loss is 85%what you eat I work out 5 days a week but that is mostly to tone and make you look better and feel better and healthier, but I truly learned it is what you eat. so weather you do weightwatchers or something else. I would write down what you eat and pay attention to how many points, calories it is. You can learn it! :)

Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

I am nominating you for a Liebster award. Be watching for my post tonight or tomorrow!