Monday, March 5, 2012


I sit here for the second day in a row with a Chick-fil-a #1 (no pickles) and sweet tea in front of me.  Why?  Because I have absolutely no will power when it comes to food.  Zip. Zero. Zilch.  None.

I say I want to lose weight, yet I have the hardest time giving up food in order to reach a weight at which I'm happy.  I think there's a saying - "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."  Not in my mind.  In my mind there are few things in this world better to me than Chick-fil-a (or any number of other delicious foods).  Very few.

About a month and a half ago I took the plunge and signed up for Weight Watchers.  They were running a special and I know so many people (IRL and in the blog world) who have had great success using their program.  So I decided what the heck.  I'll give it a try.

And try it I did.  For about 3 weeks.  For 3 weeks I logged in before and after every meal to check point values for everything I even thought about eating.  For 3 weeks I only allowed myself to eat out 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 Starbucks per week.  Prior to that I was eating out almost exclusively breakfast and lunch during the week as well as getting my beloved Starbucks 3-4 times.  It was ridiculous!

So surely, even if I wasn't following point values, just pretty much giving up fast food should have helped me lose at least a few pounds.  Throw Weight Watchers on top of it and I was going to look amazing come May 5th when the husband and I leave for our cruise.  I may even be able to pack clothes from the pre-Abby era.  To say I was excited about this prospect would be a gross understatement. 

So what happened you ask?  I didn't lose one single freaking pound.  Not one!  How is that even possible?  While I wasn't counting calories (because that's not the Weight Watchers way) I would estimate that I was easily consuming on average at least 700 calories less per day than I did prior to joining.  Did I expect to see miracle numbers in those 3 weeks?  Absolutely not.  But did I expect to have at least lost a few pounds?  Yes, ma'am, I did.

So now I sit here extremely discouraged with most all of my motivation gone and I ask you for help.  What works for you guys?  How do you stay motivated?  What do you do to curb your cravings for things that taste oh-so-good, but are oh-so-bad for you?  Help a girl out!  Pretty please! 



Jennifer said...

Oh I ever hear you on this post! I have gained about 25 pounds since I got married 9 months ago. I look horrible in my opinion, even though hubby and friends say I look fine. I don't feel like me. But I have absolutely no will power and when I do try, I never lose a dag-um pound. I am so annoyed and depressed about my weight! UGH! I will have to make sure to read your comments because I need to same advice!

Melissa said...

Hang in there, Amber! I'm in the same boat...I'm doing WW again this year (because I need to lose 7-8 pounds before the wedding) and I'm having a TERRIBLE time losing weight! I think it's because I'm not as strict with it as I have been in the past. My suggestion...drink a ton of water (if you aren't doing so already). I notice a huge differenc in my weight loss on weeks that I consume 8 glasses/day everyday! Good luck!

elizabeth said...

I am the same way! I started doing my fitness pal and really watched what I ate and didn't lose a single pound! My inlaws gave me playstation active for xmas(like wii fit) and I have been doing that for 3 weeks, I feel worse :( for a whole week I actually thought I was preggers b/c my belly looked huge! I am keeping with it b/c I know the cardio is really what is going to help.

Good luck and if you find some miracle please let a girl know!

LG said...

That is so strange! I know lots of success with WW too! Did the person at the weigh in explain to you what was going? Don't be discouraged! We are taking a trip in May too and I need to work out and get toned but I have not done much yet! ha its hard!