Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Abby's 10 months (10.3.11)

10 months - 10.3.11


We've reached the double-digits which means we're only two months from you turning 1.  OMG, hold me!  Momma's so not ready for this!  You are still the sweetest baby in the whole wide world and you are still growing and changing so much everyday.  You make your daddy and I so very proud and we love you more than you'll ever know.

We didn't go to the doctor this month so I'm not sure about your actual size, but you're wearing mostly 6-9 month and 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 at night.  You still love to nurse and do it at least 3 times a day and you're eating 3 solid meals a day of purees.  We've introduced a few finger foods (puffs and pears) and you're beginning to get the hang of them; although, you definitely prefer playing with them to eating them.  Hopefully, now that you're finally getting some teeth, we'll be able to really begin transitioning you to finger and table foods.

That's right!  You finally got your first tooth (bottom left front) at 3 days shy of 10 months on 9.30.11.  Mommy was seriously beginning to think that you may never get any teeth!  You took teething like a champ for the most part.  You were a little fussier than normal, but you never woke up at night and the only reason we even noticed it was because you were chewing on some keys and I checked your mouth just to be sure you weren't hurting yourself.  Imagine my excitement when I felt that little razor blade of a tooth in there!  Bye-bye sweet gummy smile! :)

Speaking of bye-bye, waving is your new favorite thing.  Occasionally you still wave by turning your palm towards your face and curling your fingers, but for the most part now your wave has transformed into what me and your daddy call the Mrs. America wave.  You stick your little arm straight up in the air and hold it there as still as can be with your fingers spread wide open.  It's so cute.  In fact, mommy took you to the grocery store the other day and you literally spent almost the entire time we were there with that little arm up in the air waving at every single person who passed.  You're turning into quite the little social butterfly and I love it!

Your other new trick this month might be my most favorite yet - you learned to give kisses and they are the best kisses (and sometimes also the wettest) in the whole world.  You lean your little head in and stick your mouth up to whomever's giving you a kiss and then you usually close your eyes and smile really big.  It's adorable.  Every once in a while you surprise us and open your mouth really wide and/or stick out your tongue as well.

In the toy department, some of your new favorites are balls (you'll sit on the floor and roll/toss the ball back and forth with daddy for forever), books (you LOVE to be read to or to just sit and flip the pages on your own) and these little animal shaped cars that your Mimi got for you.  Mommy also found your ticklish spot (under your arms) this month and it elicits fabulous belly laughs from you!. 

Another first this month was your first trip to the pumpkin patch.  You had a great time, but in all honesty you really didn't care too much about the actual pumpkins.  You were way more interested in playing with the grass and dirt.  While there we also went through the corn maze and you saw lots of animals including the goats which were your favorites.  I stood you up right against the fence and you immediately stuck your little hand inside to try to pet the goat and you just got so excited.  Again, so freaking cute!

It was a great month, baby girl!  Even though I keep thinking it's not possible, they keep getting better and better.  So here's to next month.  We love you, sweet girl!




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