Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Abby's 11 Months (11.3.11)

11 months - 11.3.11

Sweet Pea,

We've almost made it - you're 11 months!  Only one month shy of ONE YEAR!  And what an amazing month it's been.  You went to your 1st pumpkin patch, celebrated your 1st Halloween, made your 2nd trip to NC, went to your 1st North Carolina Great State Fair where you experienced your 1st turkey leg (you loved it), and have even become somewhat mobile.  You are an absolute joy and bring so much happiness everywhere you go.

Thankfully, no doctor's visits this month so I'm unsure of your stats, but you're wearing mostly 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers (size 4 at night).  In dresses, you're wearing 12 months solely for the length and in pants you can still wear 6 months because of the waist - you're a tall, skinny little girl! 

You're beginning to eat some table foods, but you're easily distracted and want to play with them mostly so we still rely pretty heavily on the pureed stuff which you love.  Nursing is still your favorite past-time and you would do it all day long if I would allow it!  You're going to be a difficult one to wean for sure (btw, we're hoping to work on that in the upcoming month, but we'll see)! 

You were doing so well with sleep and had been sleeping through the night consistently for about 2 weeks.  And then?  We went to NC and you've completely reverted back to getting up 2-3 times a night.  Your daddy and I've joked that now we won't be taking another trip with you anywhere until you STTN for at least 6 months straight! :)  One day you're just gonna get it (at least I sure hope so or your momma is going to be a permanent zombie)!

Until then you make up for lack of sleeping with your cuteness!  You started giving kisses and hugs this month (both on your own and on demand) and I do believe it's the sweetest thing I've ever experienced.  Seriously, there is nothing better than picking you up and having your little arms wrap around my neck and squeeze me so hard that it almost hurts.  NOTHING!  I melt on a daily basis!  You now try to repeat your name as a little game which is also ridiculously cute.  Your daddy started this with you - him or I will say "Aaaaa-bi-GAIL" and every single time you respond with "Aaaaaa-bah!"  THE cutest!

It's also safe to say that this month you are well on your way to being mobile.  Really in just the last couple of days you have perfectly mastered getting exactly where you want to go by scooting on your bottom.  We are in trouble because you are quick!

Some of your favorite things this month are Ducky (whom you give kisses to every single time you pick him up), Neyland (you love to beat on pet him - we're working on being gentle), books/magazines, Baby Genius dvds, your exersaucer, and watching other kids (you get SO excited as soon as you even see another child).

This is your last month as a baby and I know we'll make the most of it!  We love you so much, Abby-girl, and are so thankful for you everyday! 

Love always,



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