Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

I'm linking up with Ms. Taylor again this week for Top 2 Tuesday.  This week's topic is

Top 2 Celebrity Hairstyles

1.  Carrie Underwood - I mean seriously!  Girlfriend's hair ALWAYS looks good no matter what she does to it.  I'm definitely jealous!

2.  Jennifer Aniston - No matter what she chooses to do with her hair girls all over America always want to get her haircut.  It's always classic and fun!

What are your favorite celebrity hairstyles?  Go visit The Undomestic Mamma and tell us!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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kebowman said...

i agree! Carrie has beautiful hair!!

...and i almost chose jennifer aniston too! her hair is PERFECT! she can wear it any which way she wants and it looks GREAT!!!

Love your blog! your template is adorable!!

come see me! :)

Nicole said...

I'm not a huge fan of Carrie Underwood, but you're right, she had fabulous hair!

And of course so does Jennifer Aniston!