Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's another yucky day in Nashville and I'm in a bleh mood today.

So what if I really want to sell our house, but keep putting off working on the mile long (no, really) to do list that needs to be completed before we can list it.  There should totally be a company that you could hire to do this for you.  I would pay good money for someone else to take care of everything on this list!

So what if I went to the grocery store on Monday and have yet to cook anything that I planned on since then.  Frozen pizzas and Hamburger Helper are so much easier.  Oh wait, I didn't even make the Hamburger Helper - the husband did.

So what if I just bought new curtains for our bedroom even though I just made some.  These look match better and with listing our house I can justify it.  And they were only $15/panel.

So what if I dread pulling out my spring/summer clothes because I know they aren't going to fit correctly and it's just going to make me mad.   Yes, I know I just had a kid, but I want my body to go back to the way it was before ASAP.  For the record, this includes a smaller chest.

So what if although I want my pre-baby body back, I'm not willing to change my eating habits and justify everything by telling myself it's okay because I'm breastfeeding.  Deep down I know this isn't true.  However, I did just buy The 30 Day Shred - we'll see if I make time for it when it shows up at my door.  I'll be honest, this isn't looking too promising because there's already not enough time in my day.  All you working momma's out there, when do you find time to workout?

So what if I've had Photoshop Elements for well over a year now and still haven't learned how to use it.  Can someone please just come show me - that user manual is a little overwhelming? 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  What are you saying "So what" to?  Go visit Ms. Shannon and tell us!



Simply Sara said...

Thats hilarious, the photoshop comment, you know why, cause I am having the exact same problem, lol. I am darn ood at cropping though, I can do that, haha!

Simply Sara said...

Darn ood, I meant good of course

Shannon said...

Girl ALL I do is bitch about how bad I want my old body and then I eat chips & guac for dinner... Fail

Cari said...

Hey there! I just started blogging and Clay told me to check out your page! Too cute! Abby is adorable! And my 30 day shed from 2 years ago has a nice "glazing" of dust :)