Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3 Months

"OMG, mom!   I can't believe I'm 3 months old today!"

3 months - 3.3.11 - outfit change

3 months - 3.3.11

Dear Abby,

This month you're 3 months old. Seriously, please stop getting older so quickly - this mommy can't take it! It's going by entirely too quickly. So much has happened in the last month and you have entered the best stage yet! More and more of your little personality shows through every day and your daddy and I love it. You have started to interact with us and it just melts our hearts. You are so fun right now and I wish I could keep you at this age forever - so innocent and sweet.

Your favorite thing to do still is hanging out on your changing table. Even when you're upset about something if we put you on the changing table you usually turn right back into the happiest baby ever. You will lay there for the longest time and just squeal, laugh and talk to us. It's so cute! You also still really like your bouncy chair. I usually sit you up on the counter in it while I'm cooking and you'll sit there so content to talk to "your friends" (the animals that hang from it) or the cabinets overhead (I'm not sure why you find the cabinets so fascinating, but you do and it's super cute as well).

You may have noticed a theme above - you are now a happy baby! That's right - you've officially gotten over colic and mommy and daddy have lived to tell about it. Hallelujah! You are seriously like a different baby. Whereas before you would cry for hours on end no matter what tricks we pulled out of our sleeves, now you are the happiest baby ever! You rarely cry unless you are hungry or overtired. You go with flow and rarely complain about it (which we are so thankful for).

This month you've really found your little voice and you are one loud little girl when you want to be!  Your newest trick is humming.  You do it most often in your bouncy chair and on the changing table and it's so cute.  Typically, you do it three or four times in a row and then you get a really big grin on your face like you're so proud of yourself.  Another trick you've mastered is squealing/laughing.  It's not quite what I would consider a belly laugh yet, but I think you're getting close.  You've also really found your hands this month.  Usually, you can be found with them folded across your chest and you just stare at them like they're the prettiest and most interesting things you've ever seen.  I think you've finally realized that you can use them to grab things, but, other than mommy's hair, you still haven't quite mastered that skill yet. 

Your night sleeping has definitely improved this month as well. You usually go to bed between 9-10 and will get up around 5:30 to eat. There have even been quite a few nights where you've not gotten up at all. Mommy really appreciates this so let's keep it up. Mmmm-kay, good! Speaking of sleep, we moved you into your crib on the night you turned 2 months old since mommy went back to work this month. Although I totally freak out some nights and look at the monitor 3497564 times worry more about you at night, I think this transition has been really good for all of us. We all seem to sleep better at night.

Naps are a bit of a different story. No matter how much we tried you don't like to take scheduled naps. You prefer to fall asleep in your own time in your carseat, the swing, or your bouncy chair. If you do, you will usually take a pretty good nap (like 3 hours). However, if we try to move you to the pack n play or your crib it's pretty much a given that you will be awake within 15 minutes. So we've given in and just let you dictate when/where you want to take a nap. For now this totally works for all of us because it allows mommy and daddy to be flexible to run errands or whatever while you're sleeping. It will be interesting to see what happens with your naps as you get older.

Since mommy went back to work this month you've been able to spend lots of time with your Mimi, Pappy and cousin, Maddie. Maddie absolutely adores you and talks about you all the time now. And you will just sit and watch her play. You two are going to be such good friends when you get older and I can't wait to see you play together.

This last month has been so much fun and I can't wait to see what the next one brings. Your daddy and I love you more than you'll ever know, Abby-girl!

Love always,




Laura said...

Oh my word, she is too precious! Happy 3 months, little girl!

Shannon said...

Holy cuteness overload!!! That face!!!

Miss Chelsea said...

Ohmylord I LOVE that first picture!

LG said...

I can not believe that precious girl is already 3 months old!!