Monday, March 14, 2011

Abby's Favorite Things (0-3 months)

Now that we are well on our way into Abby's 3rd month of life, I thought I'd share with everyone some of her (and mommy's) favorite things.  I've seen several of these posts from other people and they always give me good ideas so hopefully this will do the same for someone else out there!
  1. Pack 'n Play - We have this one and love it.  The newborn napper attachment was especially helpful in the beginning because Abby slept in it ALL.THE.TIME. and I very rarely worried about her.  Even after she outgrew that portion, she continued to sleep in this in our room until we made the transition to her crib.  We liked ours so much that we actually borrowed my SIL's as well so we could keep it upstairs in our bonus room and use it for naps/changings in the early weeks without always having to go downstairs to the nursery.  Now that Abby has moved into her crib we haven't used this as much, but I'm sure once she's a little older (and mobile) it will come in handy again.
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  3. Swing - We have this one and it's amazing!  She still loves this thing and it's typically used as one of our fool-proof ways to put her to sleep if nothing else seems to work.  And, the music/sounds it makes aren't super annoying.  My only real issue with it is that I wish there was some way that it could grow with her a little more (i.e. some sort of attachment to the bottom that would make it a little longer).  She's only got another inch or so of growing before she's going to be too big for it. 
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  5. Bouncy Chair - We have this one and it is a life saver.  This thing is sometimes the only thing that allows me to eat dinner at night without having Abby in my lap.  She love the animals and will sit and talk to them forever!  My only problem with it is that the music doesn't play nearly long enough (maybe 30 seconds at a time) so I feel like I'm constantly reaching over to pull the string again.  I'll be very thankful for the day that she learns how to do this on her own!
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  7. Freddie the Firefly (ours has different colors and is prettier than this one, but you get the idea) - He is currently Abby's favorite toy.  Honestly, he's pretty much the only one that she pays any attention to at all at the moment.  She loves him...enough said!  Actually, we have several of these Lamaze creatures and I really like all of them because they come in fun, bright colors and have lots of different textures and sounds included, but, so far, Freddie is Abby's favorite!
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  9. Activity Gym - We have this one.  It will usually keep Abby entertained for a good 20 minutes and sometimes more (which if you have a baby you know seems like an eternity).  She just lays there and kicks her little lets, swings her arms, and squeals at everything above her.  It's safe to say that this is another item in our house that saves me from having to eat dinner with a baby in my lap!
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To all the other mommies out there - what were/are some of your favorite things for 0-3 months?



Shannon said...

We have the same PNP, swing & gym!!!

Stephanie said...

These were all of our favorites with Maddox...I'm sure we'll love the same with Emma.

Lucy Marie said...

I think I agree with everything on your list! I didn't have that exact firefly toy, but I have a pink one similar that she loves. It lights up and plays music. We've put our activity gym away now - but she definitely loved it when she was that age, too.

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

been looking for a new activity gym...the one w/lily was all pink and really really stupid...ended up throwing it away! so i just ordered it off amazon. thanks for the link!