Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday

One more day 'til the weekend - I think I can make it!  What about you guys?  Are you as in need of a couple of days to recoup as I am?
Anyways, since it's Thursday, we all know what that means - it's Thoughtless Thursday over at Katie's.  And since I got about 3 hours of sleep last night due to the belly that is slowly taking over the rest of my body this is probably going to be pretty short and sweet and to the point - and totally involves celebrity gossip because, honestly, what's more thoughtless than that?

I know this happens more frequently nowadays, but I will never understand how people can decide after 17 years that they no longer love each other and are going to get a divorce!  Just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about (which is possible because I'm not sure I would actually consider this mainstream gossip), Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus (i.e. Miley Cyrus' parents) filed for divorce a few days ago (here's the story).  They have been married for 17 years!

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What do you think about this (or do you even care)?  I, for one, can't imagine just waking up one day and deciding that after 17 years I no longer love my spouse.  Please tell me that I'm not alone in this!

Have a great day, everyone!

**  Oh yeah, you'll all be happy to know that I came up with a costume idea for the husband and I yesterday afternoon.  Thank you all so much for your suggestions!  However, you may be sad to find out that you'll have to wait until Monday to see what we decided upon (hopefully, I can actually make it come together the way it's supposed to).  But because I'm just so freaking fabulous nice, I'll leave you with a little hint...brick wall! ;)  You may guess, but I will not tell you if you're right until Monday.


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LG said...

I just heard that this morning and am very sad about it!!