Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Friday

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Happy Friday - yet again we made it!  I hope you all have big plans for the weekend.  Ours is jam-packed with Halloween costume making tonight, a group yard sale hosted by Melissa tomorrow, a Halloween party tomorrow night, and lunch with the husband's family Sunday to celebrate the October birthdays (and to see the cutest niece ever in her Halloween costume - she's a "Wuff-Wuff", one of her most favorite things right now).  Goodness, with all that going on, I really wish I had a 3-day weekend!

Anyways, I don't have much to talk about today regarding anything specific or of true importance, but I do have quite a few things on my mind, so here's a good random post for you all!

1.  I think there should be a limit to the number of items a person/vehicle can order in the drive-thru.  It never fails - almost every time I go to Starbuck's in the morning (because I'm just a little bit early so I totally have time for a slight detour) there's always that one car in front of me who causes me to be 20 minutes late for work because they decide it's appropriate to order a beverage for everyone in their office AT THE DRIVE-THRU.  Really?!?  I have absolutely no problem with someone trying to be nice to their coworkers (or whoever those other 8 people getting a drink may be), but please go inside next time!  The drive-thru is supposed to be speedy!  I will now step off of my soap box for the day.

2.  I'm super excited about our group yard sale tomorrow and hope it's really successful.  I need to replenish all of the savings I've spent on Abby's room!  However, I don't think any of us that are participating have actually held a yard sale before, so it's going to be interesting for sure.  Whatever, I think we're going to have a good time even if we don't make any money! :)

3.  I ordered these personalized Christmas stockings (because Abby needed a stocking and, therefore, the husband and I had to get new ones as well because they all have to match.  Nottomention the fact that they were on sale with free shipping and free personalization - SCORE!!!) and they came a few days ago - they're classic and I love them!  The husband and I got the big ones and Abby got a little one.  I may have also bought an extra little one so that our future child will have one to match his/her sister's.  If we have more than 2 kids, I'll just have to get new stockings I guess.
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4.  It was announced this week that Garth Brooks is coming to Nashville December 17th to do a concert to benefit the flood victims.  It's Garth Brooks and the man doesn't do full concerts anymore so this is really exciting, but I'm completely torn on what to do.  The husband really wants to go (and so do I).  The dilemma - Abby could potentially only be a week or so old (if she doesn't make her grand entrance until a week late which is the latest my doctor will let her go).  If this were to happen, I definitely wouldn't be going.  BUT if she comes a little early (and would probably be around 3 weeks old instead) will I really be ready to leave her?  Oh what to do, what to do...

5.  I really would like to find some time this weekend to make some chocolate chip cookies (any good recipe suggestions are welcome, btw).  I've been craving them for about a week now, but I don't want store bought ones - they MUST be homemade!
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 6.  Since #3 came, all I want in life is to decorate for Christmas (yes, I know it's not Thanksgiving yet).  We always decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I'm a little nervous about waiting until then this year because I've pretty much said from the beginning it's very possible that Abby could arrive that weekend (me and my sister were both a week early and I'm pretty sure my MIL told me that the husband was as well so I'm keeping my fingers crossed).  Who am I kidding to think that I would be able to decorate with a brand new baby at home?  And yes, our house must be fully decorated for Abby's 1st Christmas - that is non-negotiable! :)  Again, what to do, what to do...
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I think that's all the randomness I have for today!  I hope you all have a fabulous Halloween weekend!  See you Monday!



Simply Me said...

Just made cookies today! Good old fashioned toll house. love your blog :)

LG said...

Love the stockings!!
About the concert... I was the queen of concerts pre-baby.Personally I dont think you will want to go, mostly b.c at 3 weeks you will be so tired, that Garth will be the last thing on your mind! ha but I could be wrong!
Decorate for Christmas early! Just incase and while you feel up to it! Who cares if its too early? you will enjoy it more!

Miss Chelsea said...

Ooh I just tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe and they turned out AMAZING! Soo good. I may have had some for breakfast this morning actually ha don't tell!!

I just posted it on my blog -