Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Costumes

So the husband and I have a costume party to go to on Saturday and I'm at a complete loss.  Every year I have these grand ideas of having a fabulous costume, but somehow I'm always lazy and lose motivation somewhere along the way I can never find the perfect costume.  This year's no exception and actually appears to be quite a bit more difficult since maternity costumes are few and far between (not too mention just plain terrible).  Originally, we had planned to be Thing 1 & Thing 2 from A Cat in the Hat, but again I was lazy I never got around to ordering the t-shirts and now it's too late. 

What makes this a little more difficult is the fact that I really would like to try to stay away from store-bought costumes.  For the most part I never think they're very good quality and they're usually so ridiculously overpriced for what you end up with.   Here are a few ideas I've thrown around (however, I'm not dead set on any of them):
  • Legos (made out of cardboard boxes)
  • Bag of Jelly Belly's (or gumballs) - I totally stole this one from an old co-worker (for me)
  • Soccer player (for the husband) - he pretty much has everything for this already
  • A "belly" dancer (for me obviously, although I'm not sure what I would actually wear for this)
  • The Octomom (again, for me)
And that's where my creativity/ideas end.  So you see, we definitely need some help! :)  Any ideas for homemade costumes for the husband and I would be greatly appreciated (note, we aren't necessarily looking for a "couple's" costume either - at this point anything will do).  Who knows, if we end up using your idea I might do something really crazy (like send you a little thank you gift).

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

PS - Stephanie's having another fabulous giveaway for all you mommies (or friends to mommies) out there.  Go check it out!



Melissa said...

I like the gum balls or jelly bean idea for you. Another idea that Patrick and I tossed around (before we picked our costume) was a salt and pepper shaker. I would think you could do it the same way as the jelly beans and use white balloons for one of you and black ones for the other. Then you could have some sort of homemade aluminum foil hat...

Stephanie said...

Oh my, I'm not good at coming up with costumes. Can't wait to see what you come up with though. And thanks for blogging about the giveaway, good luck!

Mrs. Werginz said...

A pregnant nun!
Paint a big black circle around your eye and paint a black "P" on a t-shirt and be a black eyed p!!

Anonymous said...

Hubs should go as a construction worker and you can be the "bump" (wear black and make the road sign out of construction paper and pin it on your belly)

Lauren said...

Use a cardboard box to put over your head and torso and decorate it like an oven with a large square cutout as the glass oven door where you can see the "bun in the oven." Paint your belly to look like a bun. Then your hubby can dress up like the baker and be the bun maker! Should be easy to make and cheap too!

Stephanie said...

I have a friend who is going as Farrah from Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant -- baby belly, t-shirt with the # 17 on it, and a waitress name tag!

Cant wait to see what you decide!