Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Fail & a Bump-date

Happy Monday, everyone.  Take note (because I'm pretty sure I will NEVER say this again), but I'm oh so glad this weekend is over.  It was terrible and did not at all go as planned - a big, fat fail in my book! 

Let's start with Friday night.  If you remember, the husband and I were supposed to go to the fair.  Let's just say that didn't happen because apparently Wilson County doesn't think they need to direct traffic for a fair that probably doubles (if not almost triples) the population of Lebanon on any given day that it's in town.  I may let the husband come back and tell the whole story of the miserable 2.75 hours fine evening we spent together in the car that ended with me crying in said car (I'm definitely blaming this on being pregnant) and Olive Garden instead of my beloved fried snickers and any other fried yumminess that I could have found if we had actually made it to the fairFYI - yes, you read that correctly which means one thing - the husband found my little secret blog and now reads it religiously.   And while I'm still sad I didn't get to have a fried snickers or 2 or 3 I did get to have the Triple Chocolate Strata at Olive Garden - go get one now - it's heavenly!  But nonetheless, fair = fail!

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Then Saturday arrives and the husband had to work.  I planned to clean up around the house and then go to a cookout for the husband's cousin's birthday that night.  Well, I decided to take a little cat nap after cleaning the house and before I needed to get ready for the evening.  During said nap there was a pretty good thunderstorm that knocked out our power (which meant my alarm was no longer set) so I slept through the party.  Saturday night fun = fail!

Sunday was actually a good day, so the weekend wasn't a total waste, but still.  While the husband was taking his morning-after-a-long-night-of-no-sleep-at-work nap I actually started working on our curtains.  While I thought I would actually finish all 4 panels I only made it through 1, but 1 is better than none!  Then the husband had the last kickball game of the regular season (the tournament is next weekend) so I went to sweat to death watch/be the team cheerleader.  And then we went over to the in-laws' to celebrate the husband's birthday with his family (I do have pictures of this, but I haven't uploaded them yet.  Although, don't get too excited because there aren't many, but there are a few of the cutest 15 month old ever).

Now, on to the bump-date.

How far along:  25 weeks - it's starting to look a little cramped in there if you ask me!

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Stretch marks:  None yet that I've found.  I'm keeping my pinkies crossed that I'm one of the lucky few who don't get any.  Watch, I'll end up with one during week 38 or something ridiculous like that!

Sleep:  It's still not great, but it could also be a lot worse so I can't really complain too much.

Best moment of the week:  The husband had his stethoscope at home (he's a paramedic for all you new readers out there) so I was trying to find Abby's heartbeat.  According to What to Expect and some others this is pretty easy to do.  FYI, they are WRONG.  It's not easy.  I looked for it for 30 minutes and so did the husband who's trained to find this and neither of us could find it.  Anyways, while I was searching she started kicking a lot and once she kicked so hard that the end of the stethoscope jumped.  The a few days later while I was at work I looked down while she was kicking and I could see it from the outside.  Pretty cool and slightly creepy all at the same time! :)

Food cravings:  I think Abby's decided she doesn't want her mommy to weigh 500 lbs finally because I actually wanted salads on multiple occasions last week!  Yay for the fat fairy being gone (at least temporarily)!

What I'm looking forward to:  I want to finish the nursery so badly I can't stand it!  I still haven't 100% decided what to do on the walls, but I do have a few ideas. 

Have a great rest of your Monday, everyone.  See you later for Top 2 Tuesday over at Taylor's - I won't be around tomorrow because my sister is going to be here - a post to come on that Wednesday (hopefully)!



Ms. BWIT said...

Aww!! I love hearing about pregancies. Congratulations! She sounds like she's going to be extremely adorable!

Jordan said...

That cake looks delicious! I'd say that's success! :) Sounds like the pregnancy is going well. It must be so cool to see Abby kicking from the outside!

Brittany said...

I'm very jealous! I want to be 25 weeks preggo! I will get there eventually...too bad about the fair. Fried snickers would probably have been awesome. At least you got cake! I need you to post some belly pictures on here so I can see how cute you look!