Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Recap & 21-Week Bump-Date

Hallelujah!  Thank the Lord!  My house is mine again!  There are no more random people there doing random things at random times and, just as I suspected, I LOVE everything that we had done and, more importantly, I survived without killing anyone!  Thanks so much for all of the encouragement last week - it helped more than you know to realize that other people knew how I felt.  Y'all are fabulous!  Speaking of fabulous, I just wanted to take one quick minute to say hello to my new followers (and secret readers - I know you're out there because I totally used to be one of you!  Say hello, I promise I won't bite although Thursday's post may lead you to believe otherwise). 

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was very productive to say the least (however, I'm not ready to reveal pictures just yet - still a few things to do).  Friday night I de-dustified everything in our house - this was SO not fun, but it HAD to be done - and started moving furniture back to where it belonged.  Saturday morning I went to my first consignment sale and you (LG) weren't lying when you said ladies around here don't mess around.  Literally, he first thing I saw when I walked through the doors where pregnant women RUNNING (seriously, I'm not sure this was really necessary) in every direction.  I was hoping to find more equipment-related stuff for baby girl, but I just wasn't willing to fight with people over used stuff didn't really find anything that I was dying to have so I just got some clothes (I'll take a picture of my goods tonight so you all can see) - my favorite is either the pink Polo footed romper ($3) or the Santa outfit for this Christmas ($5).  While I was at the consignment sale with my MIL, the husband went and picked up our chair & ottoman for the nursery.  This is my new favorite chair and I'm so glad we spent the money on it.  It's like sitting in a cloud (again, pictures to come soon) - seriously, I sat in it Saturday afternoon for like 45 minutes just because it made me happy)!  Then we went to Homegoods hoping to find a new rug for the living room - SCORE! - and ran some other errands.  Yesterday, while the husband was at work, I set off to find curtains for the nursery and again - SCORE!  Hopefully, I can get the husband to help me hang them tonight and I can have some pictures tomorrow.  After I ran all of my errands, I met the BFF and my FIL (he was so cute when he asked if he could go with us) and we saw Eclipse finally.  I LOVED it - definitely my favorite of the 3!  And that was my weekend - very busy!  Now onto the Bump-date (and a belly pic)!

This is actually from 20 weeks, but I forgot to post it last week - I only take bump pics once a month because I
 like to see how dramatic the change is!  Also, forgive the fact that I look SUPER tired in this picture - I think it was pre-boppy.

How far along:  21 weeks

Image found here

Maternity Clothes:  Afraid so!  I bought a few more things this weekend and finally went through the 3 tubs of clothes one of my sweet friends let me borrow.  I should be good to go on fall/winter stuff, but I still need to get a few more summer things.

Sleep:  The pillow is definitely working!  I sleep like a freaking rock again and it's wonderful!  If you don't have one and you're preggo, do yourself a favor and get one right now!

Best Moment of the Week:  Last night, during Eclipse, I was sitting with my arms resting on my belly and I could feel (for the first time) her kicking on the outside!  Hopefully, the husband will get to feel her soon (however, she usually stops kicking the second I place my hand on my belly to see if I can feel her so it may still take a little while - apparently she's stubborn and shy).
Food Cravings:  Just like over at Mrs. Katie's, the fat fairy has been making regular appearances.  Beef & broccoli is the latest craving - I had it twice in 3 days!

Image found here

Gender:  Hopefully it's still a girl or the poor boy is going to have a very hard life considering his room will be pink as are most of his clothes at this point (not to mention they're also mostly dresses). :)
What I'm looking forward to:  Still looking forward to baby girl having a definite name.  I mean doesn't the husband realize that I need to have some stuff monogrammed!  Good grief!

That's all for today!  Have a fabulous rest of your Monday!

*  Please forgive my spacing issues - me and blogger are going to fight today!


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LG said...

LOVE your belly pic! You look so cute! I told you those consignment sales were CRAZY I will never forget my 1st one.
FYI on baby equipment, these ESSEX stores around nashville have great deals on it right now. I got our car seat there for half off.
The Encores adn MOre sale is the one with the most equipment consignment wise.
Here is a link to all consignment Schedules