Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Hey everyone!  Happy Tuesday - this means it's time for Top 2 Tuesday over at Taylor's.  This week's topic is Top 2 Favorite Perfumes/Colognes/Scents.  It looks like most people are sticking with perfume and cologne (which is probably really what Mrs. Taylor is going for with this week's topic), but I'm going to be a little different and do my favorite scents (and I'm going to take that at its literal meaning).  I've never been a huge perfume kinda girl anyway.  Don't get me wrong, I wear perfume and I think the husband's cologne smells good, but I don't experiment a whole lot with either of them.  I stick with what I like (i.e. I've been wearing Clinique's Happy Heart since it came out)! :)  So, about my favorite smells...

1.  My most favorite scent in the whole wide world is puppy breath.  Some people think it's disgusting, but I just LOVE it!  I think it's the cutest smell ever and I so wish someone would figure out a way for my 7 year-old dog to have her teeth cleaned and come home with puppy breath instead.

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2.  My second favorite scent is what I call Christmas.  It's a combination of cinnamon, apples, and real Christmas trees.  It just makes me happy when I smell it and always brings back lots of fun childhood memories!

Image found here

Wanna play along?  Head on over to Taylor's (click her button above) and link up!

*  Yesterday I promised some pictures - they're coming later today.  Shocking, I know, but you get 2 posts today! :)

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Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Hehe those are good scents!