Thursday, June 24, 2010

New York, New York

I absolutely LOVE New York City!  The husband and I went for the first time last September and guess what?!?!?  I'm about to purchase our plane tickets to go back this September (that wasn't planned, it just worked out that way)!  I'm beyond excited.  We've been thinking of a trip to go on as one last hurrah before Baby Jackson makes his/her arrival and I had hoped we were going to go somewhere beachy and/or tropical like here or here.  Unfortunately, that just didn't work out for us, and yesterday I found an unbelievable deal on airfare to NYC so we decided it was meant to be and we are headed back to The Big Apple.  I can't wait to go shopping and sightseeing again AND, to make it even better, we have wonderful friends who live there as well so we'll get to hang out with them, too!  We're also going to be there on the 10th anniversary of September 11th so I'm sure there will be a lot of stuff going on while we're there that doesn't normally take place.

The only downside so far to this trip is the fact that tickets to the Crown of the Statue of Liberty are ALREADY sold out for all 4 days that we're going to be there!  Can you freaking believe that!?!?  This was something we didn't get to do when we were there last time either because it had just recently been reopened to the public and was sold out when we found out it was an option, but I thought that surely since I was planning this trip almost 3 months in advance we would be able to get tickets this time - no such luck!  I almost cried when I pulled up the website and realized we wouldn't get to do it this time either!  Oh well, I guess since I have no choice but to get over this, I will!  Below are just a few of the other things that I can't wait to do while we're there.

Eat here - I literally had dreams about their burgers & milkshakes when we got back from our last trip - YUM-MY!
(Image found here)

Visit this (Image found here)

Shop here (Image found here)

Take a stroll here (Image found here)

Pay my respects here (Image found here)

It's going to be a great baby moon and I can't wait until September!

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