Friday, June 25, 2010

Inspiration Rooms

There are about to be TONS of decorating projects going on at my house.  Due to the new addition, in the very near future the guest bedroom will become a nursery and the office will become a guest bedroom (please don't even ask why I couldn't just convert the office to the nursery!  My wonderful husband made that mistake already. :)  The short and sweet answer is that I just like the space of the current guest room better).  In addition to that, I've also decided that we need to install hardwoods in the living room and hallway downstairs as well as repaint almost every single room in our house the guest room turned nursery, office turned guest room, guest bathroom, master bathroom, living room, and hallway. 

Now pay close attention, this next part is a little confusing.  The repainting stemmed from the fact that back in the late winter early spring I decided to repaint our master bedroom (before it was AWFUL Alabama Crimson Red).  When I chose the new paint color and put it on the walls I LOVED it; however, it completely clashes with the paint in the master bath and hallway (which also flows through to the living room) so now all of those rooms needed to be repainted - besides (1) it needed to be done anyways, and (2) I was never a HUGE fan of current paint colors.  Well, then we found out we were pregnant and, obviously, the nursery has to be painted a  fabulously whimsical color and the color of the current office doesn't match the new decor that will be relocating there from the guest bedroom so now those rooms have to be redone as well.  That leaves the guest bathroom - it's current color is Blue Beads by Porter Paints.  This color is actually really pretty, but it is flanked on either side by the nursery and the guest bedroom.  The nursery is probably going to be some shade of green and the guest bedroom is either going to be a pale blue or pale sage color.  I decided that leaving the guest bathroom it's current color was just too much too close together and that it now needs to be a more neutral color as well.  And that's why almost our entire house is about to be repainted.  Are you still with me (I know that was a lot to take in all at once)?  Good!

Back to the point, since all of this redecorating is about to take place I thought I would leave you all with some of my favorite (and inspiration) photos to browse over the weekend.  You may notice that while I have mentioned nothing about the kitchen, I have listed several kitchen photos.  I'm hoping that's my first post-baby project around the house.  Enjoy and I hope you guys all have a fun-filled and relaxing couple of days.  See you Monday!

All images via Better Homes & Gardens

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