Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Nursery Tour

I just realized that I never posted pictures of the finished nursery, but, in my defense, it actually didn't get completely finished until we were at the hospital having Abby.  Anyways, I absolutely love the way this room turned out - it is definitely my favorite room in our house right now.

 View from the door - the flowers to the right are on the bow holder
I made for her, but I forgot to take a picture of it and Abby's sleeping.
I just got a white wooden A at the craft store and hot-glued a piece 
of 1.5" ribbon to it if anyone's interested.

Changer and shelves (far right side of room)

Closeup of the shelves - the Beatrice Potter dishes were the husband's as a baby.

The greatest swivel glider ever created (to the left of the changer)

The crib - this is her bedding

 The toy corner (left of crib)

Dresser (left of toy corner & the door is to the right)

 This is the wall opposite the crib.  My cousin-in-law painted these for Abby 
and came over and hung them while we were still in the hospital so I saw 
them for the first time when we brought Abby home - LOVE them!

Abby LOVES the one on the left (I'm sure because it's so bright and 
easy for her to see) - she looks up at it all the time and just smiles 
and coos really loudly at it - so cute!

And that's it for the nursery tour.  I had so much fun decorating this room.  A very small part of me can't wait to have another little one so I can decorate another one (don't get any ideas - this is a VERY long way off if the husband and I have any say in it)!



Stephanie said...

It looks super cute!

LG said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE It! The pom pom's are my favorite part!!