Friday, December 10, 2010

One Week Ago

...the husband and I welcomed the greatest thing we'll ever create into this world and we couldn't be happier.  While the past week has been a complete whirlwind, I don't think either of us would change a thing.  Here are a few pictures from our week...I promise I'll be back to regular blogging soon, but we're definitely still trying to adjust to life with a newborn so it may be a few days yet.  Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments - they have helped a lot,  See you soon!

1st Growth Picture - Birthday

Getting ready to go home

Every baby on my mom's side of the family since my grandmother's first child had been brought
home in this shawl - it's 57 years old.

Going home

Look how strong I am!

1st sponge bath from mommy & daddy

Hanging my ornaments on the Christmas tree



Syndal said...

aw I'm so glad you posted these pictures! she is so pretty! congratulations on your new family! What a great christmas present you and hubby have given to eachother! :)

Alysia said...

Amber!!!! She is so adorable and you look AMAZING....are you sure you just had a baby??Tell Abby Aunt LeLe will by to see her soon.

Brittany said...

Yay!!! She's beautiful! And I can't get over how awesome you look! I'm jealous. :)

Stephanie said...

Aww, she's absolutely beautiful! I look forward to seeing more pictures.

LG said...

So sweet! I cant believe its already been a week!

Tracey said...

Congrats!! We had our babies on the same day!! Isn't parenthood amazing? I hope you guys are adjusting well and enjoying these first few weeks.

Erin said...

so cute.. congrats on your little girl!!