Monday, November 29, 2010

Still Baby-less maternal instincts (as well as my doctor's) were clearly wrong because last week came and went and we still have no baby.  I've resigned to the fact that (1) my daughter is extremely stubborn - which is really no surprise because her mommy and daddy are each pretty stubborn as well and (2) I just may make history and be pregnant forever (I realize I still technically have 1 week left, but this is how I feel). :)

I hope you guys all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!  We definitely did (although, I'll admit that Abby's arrival would have made it so much better).  Thursday morning we got up, made breakfast, watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and decorated our Christmas tree.  That night we had Thanksgiving dinner with the husband's family over at his grandparents' house - I definitely ate myself into a food coma. 

Friday we lounged around for a while and then decided to brave the crowds that afternoon (it really wasn't nearly as bad as we expected).  We both got a new GPS because we found such great deals on them (his old one was broken so he needed one anyways.  The maps needed to be updated on mine, but the new one I got has lifetime maps included on it - and was only $30 more than the map update alone - so I'm going to attempt to sell my old one on Craigslist - or if any of you are interested in a Garmin nuvi 255W let me know).  In addition to our fun toys, we knocked out all of the Christmas presents on our list except for 3!  I'm so happy to have this done!  That night we had dinner at PF Chang's with friends, followed by drinks at The Wine Loft (I just went for the company obviously) - for all you Nashville girls, if you haven't been here yet, go!  It was a super cute/laid back place that we really enjoyed.

Saturday, we hung around the house and watched the UT/UK game (yay, Vols for now being bowl eligible - who would've thought?!) and then went and saw our favorite local musician that night.

And Sunday we went to brunch at Ellendale's, watched the Titans/Texans game and went to the grocery store.  When I got home I decided to make these chocolate chip cookies that I found on Hello Miss Chelsea's blog (and I even used my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for the first time - my oh my my, I don't know how I've survived this long without this thing - it's amazing!!!)  They are yummy!  I also decided to put today's lunch/dinner in the Crock Pot at the same time (I'll post the recipe later) so my kitchen looked like a regular food assembly line/disaster area!

And that, my friends, pretty much sums up our Thanksgiving weekend!  Now onto the bump-date that I didn't want to write because I didn't want to make it this far.

39 weeks - 11.28.10 - I look happy in this picture - I'm not - It's all a big fat lie!

Image found here

How far along:  39 freaking weeks

Belly button/stretch marks:  Still no stretch marks - this may be one of the few positive things I can find this week.

Symptoms:  Miserable all the time - so much so that I've started sleeping on the couch because it's the only place that I can sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Labor signs:  I've had a few really strong contractions and awful lower back pain, but just when I allow myself to think "This might be it" they go away.

Weight gain:  26 lbs

Best moment of the week:  I might have the best husband ever.  Since I've been so frustrated/miserable over the past month few days, he decided to go ahead and give me my "push" present last night.  He said that he had decided that he didn't think giving it to me right after giving birth was a good idea because he said, "Who wants a present right after they have a baby - you don't want a present, you want the baby!"  He also said that I could look at it every time I get frustrated over the next few days as a reminder that there really is an end in sight with a fabulous gift at the end.  So what did I get...a new Pandora bracelet themed just for little miss Abby.  It has 2 pink glass beads (one with hearts, one with flowers), a little girl, a cross, and a baby carriage on it).  I love it and I think I've decided that since I have another Pandora bracelet, this one will stay just the way it is (i.e. I'm not adding anymore beads to it) and if/when Abby has her own children I'm going to give it to her.

My "Push" Present

What I'm looking forward to:  Do I really need to answer this - I think it's pretty obvious at this point? :)

Happy Monday, everyone!



Syndal said...

aw, well if it makes you feel better-you are an adorable pregnant lady! plus, that push present is really cute and special!

ps how much are you selling your garmin for??

Brittany said...

BOOOO!! I was hoping for a "Baby is Here" post! Please inform Abby that it's time to come out. I know this really doesn't make you feel better but I hope I can fake that happiness when I'm 28 months pregnant like you!! I do good trying to be happy now and I'm only at 6. :(

I'm wishing and praying that baby out of you! Hang in there. :)

Miss Chelsea said...

Glad you liked the cookies! She'll be here soon, she just likes the warm safety of her momma's belly!

Stephanie said...

You look great!

LG said...

That is so sweet of the hubs! I knwo you are ready to get this show on the road girL! I cant wait to see what miss abby looks like! so fun!