Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Full Moon...

...totally didn't work for me.  Neither did walking/nesting/eating spicy food.  I'm still pregnant. :)  But, I did have a pretty productive weekend so I can't complain too much. 

Friday night the husband was working so I took advantage of my last night alone with the tv and caught up on a lot of my shows (he started his paternity leave this morning - I'm not jealous about this AT ALL {said with a grimace as I sit at my desk at work}.  I also made a hair bow holder for Abby since I may or may not have pretty much bought her a bow/flower/headband in every single color from here since they were having such a great sale - thanks, Stephanie, for the heads up.  Even if she's bald (which is a pretty good possibility since both the husband and myself had no hair for a very long time) there will be no doubt that she's a she. :)

Saturday, we went Christmas shopping, met my best friend & her parents for dinner, and then went home to watch the UT/Vandy game.  It was an ugly game, but a win nonetheless.  During the game we planned to decorate the Christmas tree; however, I only got as far as putting the lights on (but in my defense there are 7 strands of lights on that freaking thing - it took FOREVER!!!). 

Sunday, the husband worked at the Titans game, so I went to brunch with my best friend and her parents before they headed back to Chicago and then I went out to Green Hills for a little bit.  Once I got home I FINALLY FINISHED THOSE STUPID MASTER BEDROOM CURTAINS (pictures to come).  I told the husband that the next time I get this grand idea in my head so I can save a few dollars to make me just go buy them because whatever they would have cost would have been worth my time. :) 

I also rearranged a few things over the weekend that I wasn't totally happy with in Abby's room - I think it's really done now (except for the art I'm still waiting on - once I get this I promise to post pictures - I LOVE this room).  Now we just need a baby to put in it.  We go back to the doctor tomorrow so keep those fingers crossed! :)

And while I'm sure most of you are probably tired of seeing these for my benefit, here's the bump-date.

38 weeks - 11.21.10 - I'm looking rough in this can just go ahead and ignore that please! :)

Image found here

How far along:  38 weeks - that's 9.5 months people!  I'm pretty sure I've been pregnant forever!

Belly button/stretch marks:  Still no stretch marks that I can see.  The belly button has definitely popped (and as gross as this sounds actually appears to be cracking a little bit - there's a scab on it and this is the only thing I can think has happened).  The husband looked at me this morning and said he thought I was about to rupture - that's a great thought. :)

Symptoms:  I don't do it all the time, but if I've been sitting or laying down for a little bit I definitely waddle when I get up for a few minutes before everything stretches back out. 

Labor signs:  Well, Abby has definitely dropped at this point.  I've also had a little bit of cramping (which apparently happens when your cervix starts to efface).

Weight gain:  25 lbs - yes, I lost 1 lb of fluid last week - thank goodness because my ankles definitely looked like the Michelin Man's.

Best moment of the week:  Knowing Hoping that we're only a few days away from meeting Abby.

What I'm looking forward to:  Holding Abby in my arms (as opposed to my midsection).  Not gonna lie, I'm also looking forward to the husband's grandmother's dressing on Thanksgiving - and just for the record, I've threatened his family that if I'm in the hospital on Thanksgiving and they show up without food for me they will not be allowed to see Abby.  Yes, I really am that mean, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to ensure that I don't miss out on the best meal of the year. :)

**  UPDATE:  As of our doctor's appointment yesterday I'm still at 2 cm, but am now 70% effaced.  If I make it to next week, my doctor will go ahead and strip my membranes.  She actually offered to do it yesterday, but she said she didn't think it would work yet so I decided to just wait.  I'm still holding out hope that baby girl's going to arrive this week - we'll see.



Brittany said...

I can't believe you are still working and your hubs is on leave. That sucks! I'm hoping you are not still pregnant next week. I suggest you have lots and lots of sex...sorry for the inappropriate suggestion but who knows how long your hubs will have to go without and you need to get that baby out of there!!

Happy Thanksgiving! If you have the baby this week I better not be the last person to know! Keep us posted!

Jordan said...

Good luck! Hopefully Abby comes soon and you get to enjoy some yummy Thanksgiving food soon!

LG said...

getting really excited! Is baby here yet?