Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap & 34 Weeks

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you all had fabulous weekends.  Since I was still recovering from the funk that's been going around Nashville, ours was pretty low key (and there are no pictures), but it was still a good weekend and I got a lot accomplished. 

Friday, I made these pork chops and Paula Deen's mashed potatoes for dinner (the recipe isn't on her website so I'll post it later, but they are SUPER yummy) and the husband and I caught up on the DVR (this seems to be what our new Friday nights consist of and I'm okay with that).  Saturday, he had to work so I spent the day running errands and then watched the UT/Bama game with my BFF, Stacy, that night.  Since I was pretty sure we were going to lose that game going into it, I was not too terribly disappointed in the end and I still have hope that Derrick Dooley is the answer and that he is going to turn our program around - we just have to be patient until then.  I also used this opportunity to write all of my thank you notes from this shower - I'm so glad to have this task behind me!

Sunday, the husband and I were pretty lazy if I'm being completely honest.  However, I did manage to make this french toast for breakfast (with bacon & eggs - wow, we're fatties) - it was delicious, but really filling (we could've done without the eggs).  Then we headed to Babies R Us to pick up our Pack n Play and we I spent the afternoon putting it and the bouncer together while we watched the Titans game (yay for one Tennessee team having a winning weekend and for Kenny Britt having a phenomenal game - I'll ignore the fact that he was sitting on my fantasy football bench right beside Darren McFadden who also decided to have the game of his life yesterday). 

Once dinner time rolled around, neither of us felt like cooking so we decided to go try out a Chinese buffet near our house.  FYI, the husband and I really like Chinese buffets for some reason, but Nashville does not have a very good selection of them (or at least the ones we've tried to date either haven't been that impressive or they've closed so if you live here and have any suggestions on good ones, let me know).  We actually really liked this one so we were both happy (and miserably full) by the end of it.  Well, the check comes with the trademark Chinese fortune cookies and I grab mine up and open it to find this...

Pretend there's a picture of a fortune written in Spanish here - blogger's being dumb!
(FYI, it said, "El beso, y hace.")

Yes, that is a Chinese fortune...IN SPANISH (meaning there was an English translation on the back with the lucky numbers instead of a Chinese translation)!  Really!?!?  Honestly, I found this absolutely hilarious for some reason and thought I was going to pee in my pants I was laughing so hard.  After dinner, we went home to watch our Sunday night shows, but apparently there were horrible storms in the area so I'm going to have to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters online tonight instead.  Now...34 weeks = 8.5 months!!!

Pretend the weekly picture from Baby is here - I HATE blogger somedays!

How far along:  34 weeks - CAH-RAY-ZY!

Stretch marks/belly button:  Everything still looks relatively normal and I still haven't found any stretch marks.

Symptoms:  I officially became an unwed preggo this weekend - so sad!  I decided that after it took me an hour to get my rings off Saturday night/Sunday morning (yes, this was a 2-day process), that I wasn't going to tempt fate anymore and I should probably just leave them off until after Abby arrives.    And I know this is so dumb, but I'm so paranoid about it that I'm seriously considering going to buy a fake set to wear until I can put my real ones back on (I was just going to wear them on a necklace, but the husband quickly vetoed this idea because he thinks the chain is going to break and I'm going to lose them).

Labor signs:  Still none.

Best moment of the week:  I'm not sure there are any best moments anymore - I'm officially OVER being pregnant (this could have something to do with the fact that being 8.5 months pregnant with a cold might be the most miserable thing EVER, but I think I'm still just over it at this point). :)  I swear if one more old person comes up to me while I'm in the middle of paying for something and carrying on a conversation with a cashier somewhere and asks me when I'm going to pop or tells me that I'm about to pop I might slap them.  I realize they think they're being nice, but I don't need any more reminders of how uncomfortable I look at this point!  Seriously, this happens a LOT and they always wait until I'm actually paying instead of doing it while I'm just standing in line (not that that would really make it any better, but at least then they wouldn't be interrupting me).

What I'm looking forward to:  Not being pregnant anymore!

Have a great Monday, everyone!  See you tomorrow!

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Stephanie said...

Love low key weekends! Unfortunately I worked all weekend, boohoo. Oh yes, and the great You're Gonna Pop comments...dreading those this time around AGAIN! Seriously, people feel they can say whatever pops in their heads.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting about the giveaway, good luck!