Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happily Ever After...

Once upon a time (or 10 years ago tonight) a red-headed boy called a freshman girl from his Psychology class who had bangs and braces and asked her to drive up to Gatlinburg with him.  She went because, after all, he was a junior and he seemed pretty nice. 

By the time they got to Gatlinburg they were hungry and most places were closed so they settled on french fries at McDonald's, walked around a little bit, and then headed back to K-town. 

When he dropped her off at her dorm that night she thought she'd had a good time, but didn't really expect much more.  However, he called again the next day and they again had a good time.

Two weeks passed in which they went out several more times and saw each other every Monday, Wednesday & Friday on The Hill in class.  They continued to have a good time. 

One night they decided to go eat at The #1 China Buffet {i.e. the best Chinese buffet in Knoxville - so sad it's gone).  That red-headed boy told that freshman girl with bangs and braces that he had decided that even though he was having a really good time with her, he really wasn't looking for a serious relationship.  That freshman girl with bangs and braces looked across the table at that red-headed boy and replied with, "I'm sorry, but that's completely unacceptable!"  That red-headed boy never again tried to break it off with that freshman girl with bangs and braces and today they are still living their happy ever after.

Happy Anniversary (of our first date), Honey!  I love you and am so glad that I am one stubborn girl (and that I no longer have bangs and braces). These have been the best 10 years that I could have ever asked for! :)


Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

So cute!!!!!

LG said...

That is really cute and funny! We had a similar "almost break up" moment!