Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday

Happy almost Friday, everyone!  It's time for Thoughtless Thursday again over at Katie's (she has a fabulous new button - it's at the bottom of this post because Blogger's being dumb).

Usually I have some type of theme, but today's post is truely going to be thoughtless as I have a bunch of random stuff on my mind!  First, because a few of you asked, here's some of the stuff I got at H&M last weekend.

You can't really tell from the picture (darn iPhone camera), but the first top is a deep purple color.  I also got the 3rd top in a camel color and got my very first pair of black leggings (yeah, I know, I'm really late to this party, but they did not look cute on my pre-preggo body because I have very disproportionate hips.  Now that the baby bump has taken over I can totally pull them off).  The best part is that all af these can be worn for both work and play!

Yesterday, I broke down and bought my first few bags of my favority Halloween candy.  These may last a week!

I don't like regular candy corn, but I can eat the heck out of some pumpkins and chocolate candy corn!

I also bought the two things below for Abby's room.

via - I got 3 - pink, hot pink, & celery

Now if I could just find a floor lamp like the one below that didn't cost a small fortune and a little round table to go next to the glider her room would be pretty much done!

Image found here

Have a great afternoon, everyone!  Click on Katie's button if you want to play along!



Miss Chelsea said...

I love that alphabet print, too cute! Have you looked at TJ Maxx for that lamp? They had similar ones at the Maxx near me last time I was there

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

The stuff for Abby's room looks SO cute!!! New follower! :)

LG said...

Those tops are so cute! I got a great little table from TJMAXX for my glider !