Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hello lovely ladies (I'm just gonna go ahead and assume there still aren't any men out there in bloggy land - nope, not even the husband - he actually doesn't even know about this blog because he always makes so much fun of me for reading everyone else's - I guess he just doesn't get it)!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that your Monday isn't too terribly awful - my Monday hasn't started out all that great - I had to take Lexi to the vet this morning - she has a bladder infection and doesn't feel 100% - poor pup.  She always seems to get sick on days that her daddy is at work so I have to bring her in which makes me SUPER late for work (not that I'm complaining about having to take her in when she's sick - I'm definitely not because she's pitiful when she doesn't feel good and I want her to get better ASAP and will do just about anything to make that happen.  I just wish it was possible for me to take her without being 2 hours late for work so I don't have to stay later to make up for it.) 

Back to our pictureless weekend - I know, I really suck, but if you keep reading you'll see there really wasn't anything picture worthy that we did this weekend.  I promise.  Friday night the husband was working so I spent my night cleaning my house - really exciting, I know.  Saturday we helped some friends move (read - the husband actually helped move stuff - I helped by supervising/socializing for the most part; although, I did vacuum and sweep their old place so that counts, right?)  Saturday night we were both pretty tired so we stayed in.  The husband caught up on his PlayStation skills and I made this recipe (have I mentioned how fabulous I think Publix recipes are?) and started on our curtains for our master bedroom (I'll take pictures when they're finished and up).  I modified the recipe slightly in order to use stuff we had on hand and it turned out amazing!  However, since the recipe makes enough for 8 we had tons of leftovers and I will say that it wasn't nearly as good reheated - a little dry, but still edible.

Sunday we went to the pool for a few hours and then went home so the husband could clean out Abby's closet.  This has been his closet since we moved into our house (in addition to the entire top of our closet because I can't reach it - yes, he had both spaces FULL of his clothes), but I told him that since Miss Abby now has tons of clothes that he had to relocate his stuff to our closet which meant he had to go through everything because he had LOTS that he doesn't wear.  He seriously has more clothes than I do which is sad for several reasons - 1.  the obvious of I'm a girl and he's not and 2. I have to wear "real" clothes to work while he has a uniform.  Even after getting rid of a lot of stuff, he still has more clothes than I do.  I really wish I had been thinking and taken a picture of both of his closets before he started his purge session, but I wasn't and I didn't.  Once we finished his project (yes, I helped in order to ensure he didn't get side-tracked) we caught up on our dvr - specifically episodes of Bert the Conqueror (has anyone ever watched this?  It's pretty hilarious!) and Gene Simmons Family Jewels - these are pretty much the only shows that we agree on during the summer so unless we're watching these you'll find us in separate rooms watching tv. 

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun? Now that this is getting pretty long and I really need to work I'll be back later today with my weekly bump-date. 


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