Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Over at Taylor's this week, we're sharing our Top 2 Characters from tv or a movie - what a fun topic!

1. Baby from Dirty Dancing - Come on, let's be honest.  What girl hasn't day dreamed about being her at some point in our lives?  To learn to dance like that and to have the opportunity to spend an entire summer in the arms of Patrick Swayze...

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2.  Rachel Green from Friends (or if I'm being completely honest, I'll be happy to be Jennifer Aniston in real life as well) - To this day this is still one of my all-time favorite tv shows and I just adore her...enough said! :)

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What tv/movie character would you be?  Head on over to Taylor's and link up!

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Miss Chelsea said...

Ooh Baby is a good one! I didn't even think about that

Brianna! said...

awe I LOVE dirty dancing
but it makes me soooo sad to watch since Swayze passed away!

Katie said...

I love both your picks! This would be a tough choice for me!

Stephanie said...

Great picks!

Rachel said...

LOOOOOOOVE both of those! Didn't even think about putting Baby as mine! And seriously, it doesn't get much better than Rachel. LOVE her. Definitely my favorite show ever. Just stopped over from Top 2, love your blog!

Melissa said...

My second choice was almost Baby! I FREAKIN' love that movie!