Thursday, August 12, 2010


**WARNING:  This is a venting post, so if you don't want to hear my rant, stop reading now!**

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What is it about people who just can't RSVP to things like they're supposed to?  I mean unless I'm missing something, I really don't think it's too terribly difficult to do (however, please let me know if I'm wrong about this and either clicking a button on an evite, sending a very short email, making a quick phone call, or dropping a response card in the mail is a super difficult task).  I totally understand that people occasionally forget to RSVP from time to time and I'm totally okay with that, but I'm talking about the people who you know without a doubt that no matter the occasion will not respond and commit to either coming or not coming.  Solution:  respond with a maybe.  It's that simple!  At least that way the person throwing said function will at least know that you received the invitation!  I just think it's plain rude to not respond at all!  Does anyone else get as frustrated by this as I do?  Now, I will step off of my soap box.  Thanks!

**  For those that are interested, our doctor's appointment went very well this morning.  Not much to report other than Abby has a super strong (and loud) heartbeat.  Next month I get to experience the dreaded orange drink for my glucose test and we get another ultrasound - YAY!


LG said...

I hosted a party in March, pregnant while my dad was very ill and I was stressed to the max and had to BEG people to RSVP. WTH? UGh so I am with you on this!

PS that glucose drink was not bad! I was scared of it but it was really like a gatorade soda!

Tracey said...

Amber, I can so relate to this post. My mom just threw my dad a 60th birthday party and had invited about 120 guests. Out of that #, only 45 had replied. 100 ended up showing up, because she had to call every single person she sent an invite too. For my baby shower, I wrote on the invitation, RSVP for regrets only. That way I won't have to call every single person if I have not heard. But then again that could back fire.

Miss Chelsea said...

I rant about no one RSVPing too, but I have fallen victim to it this past month. I got a few invites for bridal showers and laid them up on my desk and completely spaced it =x I did email them a week or so later but I think people are so used to the constant reminders of Facebook and what not that sometimes a paper invite gets shuffled around and forgotten about. I think of things like RSVPing while I'm at work, but the invite will be sitting at home!!

IDk just my thoughts on it haha