Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Recap/18 Week Bump-Date

Happy Tuesday!  Oh how I just LOVE 3 day weekends - they make this girl extremely happy!  I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.  We started our 3 day weekend off with dinner at the in-laws on Friday night to celebrate my MIL's birthday.  I got to to spend lots of quality time with my niece, so I was very excited.  (Sidenote 1 - I am still the world's worst picture taker EVER even though we have a fabulous DSLR camera.  I always take the camera everywhere; however, it never seems to make it's way out of the bag unless it is a major holiday (i.e. Christmas).  I am going to make a conscious effort to do better at this, but that hasn't seemed to work out very well for me in the past, so any suggestions to help in this area would be great.   Therefore, I still have no pictures from the weekend.  Feel free to mentally throw things at my face now.) 

Saturday, the husband had to work, but I made lots of progress on slowly but surely putting our house back into some kind of order after the painters had been there on Friday - although I couldn't really do a whole lot because our floors are supposed to be going in this week sometime.  I also put together what was left to do on our changing table and dresser (each of these came pretty much assembled, but there were a few things to do) and then just lounged around the rest of the afternoon.  I know - pretty boring stuff, but when you're 18 weeks pregnant you just really don't have a ton of energy.

Sunday, the husband and I put the crib together.  Let me just say that usually we do not do very well with the joint assembly of things (he thinks his way is best and I think my way is best obviously), but we made it through the entire crib without arguing over anything!  It was great!  (Sidenote 2 - The husband and I don't argue a lot, but when it comes to putting something together we RARELY agree on the best way to do it.)  So now Baby Jackson officially has a place to sleep when he/she makes his/her appearance into the world. (Sidenote 3 - 2 more days until the big ultrasound - YAY!!!)  Actually, we still need to purchase a mattress, but that's on this week's agenda because I have a 20% coupon to BRU that's only good this week.  Then on Sunday night, we ventured over to my SIL and BIL's house to grill out and shoot fireworks.  There were 3 kids there under the age of 2 and we were all a little worried at how they would react to the fireworks, but they LOVED them.  All 3 just sat in their mommies'/daddy's lap and just stared at the sky in awe when each one went off.  And in between rounds they would point at the sky as if asking "where'd they go?  We want more!"  It was really cute!

Monday was the annual family reunion for my FIL's mother's side of the family.  Memamma is 1 of 11 children so they have a pretty big family and this is the one time every year that most of us get together.  Memamma's family is also the prototypical southern family.  That means there were tables and tables full of good home cookin' for lunch.  Needless to say, we were completely stuffed and miserable when we left!  Then last night we had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends because Van and Mandy were in town for a family reunion as well.  (Sidenote 4 - Van is one of the husband's best childhood friends and has definitely become one of my very best guy friends.  He was in our wedding and now lives in NYC so we don't get to see him very often.  Mandy is his GF who also used to live here, but now lives in NYC.  We love them both very dearly and hate that we usually only get to see them a few times a year.)  All in all it was a great weekend full of lots of family time.

Wow, if you've made it this far KUDOS to you!  This also probably means that you've made it to the portion of today's post that you actually care about! :)

And here it is - The 18 Week Bump-date
Image found here

How far along:  18 weeks

Maternity Clothes:  Yup!  I've officially started wearing maternity bottoms and a few maternity tops.  Some of my normal clothes do still fit, but most of my pants and skirts are getting extremely uncomfortable.  I got these and these this weekend.
Sleep:  I now wake up every night at least once to pee.  I REALLY miss uninterrupted sleep!

Best Moment of the Week:  Finding maternity pants at Target that actually fit me and don't look like they should be for old people.

Image found here
Food Cravings:  I don't remember having any specific food cravings last week, but I've noticed that I want sweets a lot more often than I have in the past.

Gender: I still think boy, but we'll find out for sure in 2 days!

What I'm looking forward to:  The big ultrasound on Thursday!  And I'm still waiting to feel movement for the first time and know for sure that's what it is!

Wow!  This was the longest post EVER!  Sorry about that!  Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and see you tomorrow!

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LG said...

LG from Girzas here! SOO excited about finding another Nashville blogger! So you find out Thursday the sex! That is gonna be really exciting! Also you may want to scoop up some of the Restoration Hardware 75% off clearance baby clothes that are adorable, and the local discount store ESSEX has tons of baby stuff right now for about 1/2 off the BRU price and some fancy Euro-baby brands as well. Think stroller, car seats, swings etc.

Thanks for the link! Cant wait till Thurs to hear your big news! I bet BOY too!