Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

It's time for Top 2 Tuesday over at Taylor's and this week's topic is Top 2 Summer Recipes - YUM!!!

1.  My first would have to be my best friend's mom's recipe for Chicken Salad - it's heaven and oh so easy!

This is not a picture of my recipe - but it does end up looking pretty darn similar (Image found here)

What you need:
   - 1 bag of Tyson frozen diced oven roasted chicken (feel free to use fresh chicken, but this stuff is yummy  
      and makes this recipe super quick)
  -  Equal parts mayo and sour cream (I usually start with 1 cup of each and then add more until I get the
      consistency that I want)
  -  Salt & pepper to taste
  -  Celery, grapes, nuts or whatever else you like in your chicken salad (I just add about 1 stalk of finely
      chopped celery - I'm not a fan of fruit and nuts mixed into mine, but to each his own)

What to do:
  -  Prepare the chicken as directed on the package.
  -  Mix together all ingredients.
  -  Cover and refrigerate until chilled.
  -  Serve and enjoy!

See - SUPER easy!  And, if you're like me and you loathe mayo, you'll still love this recipe because the sour cream totally tones down the mayo flavor.

2.  My 2nd is Pudding Shots (even though I haven't been able to enjoy these at all this summer - oh next summer how I can't wait for you to arrive!).  These are great to take to parties and are always a big hit!
Image found here

 What you need:
  -  4 oz package instant pudding mix (I always use either chocolate or white chocolate)
  -  1 cup cold milk
  -  1/2 cup Bailey's (or any other Irish cream liqueur)
  -  1/2 cup clear vodka
  -  8 oz extra creamy whipped cream

What to do:
  -  Mix together the pudding mix and the milk until smooth.
  -  Slowly mix in both alcohols until well blended.
  -  Fold in the cool whip until well blended.
  -  Pour into shot glasses and freeze until set.

This will give you about 30 - 35 shots.  When they're ready, they're about the consistency of ice cream.  Yummy!

Have a great Tuesday everyone! 



Lindsay said...

Pudding shots? What a great idea :)

jan said...

I have never heard of pudding shots, but I certainly hope I get to try some soon! Those sound super yummy!

Chelsea said...

Ooh pudding shots... fun!