Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday

Well, even with taking hump day off, this week has seemed to last FOREVER!  Thankfully, Friday has finally arrived.  I am so excited about this weekend for 2 reasons - first, we're going to register for Baby Abby tomorrow!  Yay!  I can't wait! 

Second, my favorite event of the the entire year happens tomorrow - Music City Brewer's Festival.  I love it even more than Steeplechase (I think because there's not as much preparation involved = WAY less stress).  Now I know what you're thinking - why in the world would preggo want to attend this?  Simple, because all of our friends will be there so, although I won't get to sample all of the goods this year, I'll still get lots of quality time in with everyone (and I bought a designated driver ticket so it was 1/2 price)!  Not sure about you guys, but I've found that during the summer months everyone is always so busy that it's hard to get us all together at the same time.  Brewer's Fest totally solves this problem!  Hopefully, Monday I'll have some good pics from the weekend!  Until then I leave you with some pictures from last year's Brewer's Fest (let me just say IT WAS HOT last year - hence the hair) and I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
This was obviously at wherever the after-party happened to take place (is it bad that I don't remember where that might have been?)


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