Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is Anyone Still Out There?

Shockingly enough, I am still alive and I promise I've been keeping up with all of you, I just haven't had time to keep you all up to date with me so I definitely win the award for the worst blogger ever in 2011 thus far for sure.  But a certain little lady is taking up all of my free time these days and, I'll be honest, she's a whole lot darn louder cuter than my computer screen is so she wins.  In all honestly, I do plan to get back to blogging regularly, although I don't anticipate it will actually happen until I go back to work.  Speaking of, that fateful day is quickly approaching.  I'm pretty sure February 11th is going to be my least favorite day ever from now on.

Otherwise, life around here is pretty much what you would expect with a new baby - it revolves around her.  We've tried really hard to get her on somewhat of a schedule and some days she does really well with it, but most days she likes to do what she likes to do no matter what mommy and daddy think!  And even though she gives us a run for our money most days, we love her to death and wouldn't trade her for anything else in the world!  So, until next time whenever that may be, here are a few pictures of little miss Abby.

6 weeks

Bath time

Hanging out with daddy

Cheering on the Vols

Watching tv - we don't "let" her do this intentionally, btw.

Tummy time

Mommy really wanted me to wear my snow suit...lucky for me I
wouldn't fit in the car seat!

1st semi-smile caught on camera (5 weeks)

1st pair of jeans



Mrs. Werginz said...

She is beautiful! I love the picture of y'all in orange! So cute! ENjoy your time before work...I know you are!

Brittany said...

Abby is absolutely beautiful! I hope y'all are doing great and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get a schedule worked out before you go back to work!

Jordan said...

She's precious! Enjoy your time at home with Abby! I don't blame you a bit for not blogging!

Stephanie said...

Awww, I love the pictures! She's a little doll.

Syndal said...

what a cutie! thanks for sharing the pics..will be thinking of you on (dreaded) Feb. 11th!

Rachel said...

Oh my GOODNESS she is so adorable! That little smile could just melt your heart. I know you're loving being a mommy. Hope everything is going well :)

LG said...

Look at that sweet cute little lady! She is looking alot like her daddy to me! Glad you guys are well!

Christina said...

She is precious! I love the bath time picture! Soo cute!!