Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bless His Heart...

Things a husband shouldn't say to his almost 9 month pregnant wife (although I know he means well):
  • You really need to work on your colorful language before the baby gets here. We don't want her to come out screaming obscenities at the doctor.
  • Honey, I watched you walk out of ______ last night and you really do look miserable.
  • Oh my gosh, what's wrong with your ankles/feet?!?!  You need to go home right now and elevate those.
  • You only have 32 days left.
And this is just over the last 24 hour period!  I'm sure there are others, but I'm too tired at this point to think of them.  Happy Wednesday, everybody!



Sonja said...

At least he knows that you need to elevate! :)

I won't share with you what my husband said about breast pumps when we were registering this week HA! All of sudden he thought he was a professional at all things baby :)

Hope you have a good day!!

Brittany said...

I'm loving the first one!! My husband says the same thing. It's hard not to use "colorful language" when your pregnant. I think we should list this as a symptom.