Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday

Happy Friday Eve!  Yet again, we've almost made it to the weekend (I know, I know - I really should stop wishing my life away, but the weekends are just so much more fun than the weekdays so it's kinda hard not to). 

Today's Thoughtless Thursday post is truly going to be thoughtless.
Yesterday, my ankles looked like this (yes, I need a pedicure, but I wear closed toe shoes everyday so I don't really see the point) and I was slightly concerned.
However, this morning they were back to normal and I asked my OB about it at my appointment this am and she wasn't concerned because my blood pressure is normal.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that this continues to be the case - for one thing, those cankles my be the single most unattractive things I've ever experienced in my life to date and for another I really would like to avoid bed rest because I would much rather spend my time off work at home AFTER Abby is born rather than before!

I can't believe I forgot to mention it in this post (because this is the first time I witnessed it), but the cutest niece ever finally gave me a name (she gave the husband a name back in early August and although I was really excited for him, I was more than a little disappointed that I didn't have a name yet).  Apparently, for the past week or so she has started pointing to a picture of me and the husband and calling us by our names, but I actually heard it for the first time at my shower Saturday.  I'm Auntie "Ber-ber" (she doesn't say Auntie - just Ber-ber) - the best present I could have been given.  That child just melts my heart!

I think that's all I've got for today!  See you all tomorrow!

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Miss Chelsea said...

Ber-ber... that is adorable!! My niece is 8 months old and just started saying "ma ma" and "dada" so I've been repeating "chi chi" (for Chelsea) to her over and over in hopes of her saying my name next! hehe evil, I know!

Ms. BWIT said...

OMG! You need to soak those puppies in some epsom salt and try to get that swelling to come down- poor thing!

Brittany said...

Holy hell. I hope this was a one time thing. Maybe you won't be dealing with this till Abby is born.