Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap & 30 Weeks {insert panick stricken face here}

Dear Monday, why must you continue to show up every week even though 95% of the population loathes you?  J/K, despite the fact that it's pretty dreary here today, Monday really hasn't started off too badly. I even had enough time {read - I was only 7 minutes late for work} to stop and get Starbucks on my way into this office this morning - that always makes the day a little better. And it's only supposed to be 69 degrees today - fingers crossed that this means Fall has finally arrived in Nashville! Wait, this is supposed to be about the weekend, not Monday, sorry about that little tangent.

Friday night the husband and I stayed in and caught up on the DVR, I caught up on my thank you notes, and I made this for dinner.  The husband labeled it as one of his most favorite meals. This made me a little sad since it was super easy and I usually put more effort into the things I cook. Lesson learned - less is usually more when it comes to men and their tastes! :)

Saturday, we went to an 80th birthday brunch for the husband's grandfather on his dad's side. There was a really good turn out and we got to spend some time with family that we don't see very often.  Here are a few pics.

My SIL and the cutest neice ever - I just thought this pic was so sweet of
Madelyn loving on her mommy.

The husband & me (at 29 weeks, 6 days) - sadly, I forgot to get a pic of
us until after the decorations had been taken down.

Granddaddy (left) and some extended family

After the party, we went to the in-laws to watch the 2nd half of the UT/UAB game. Let me just say that even though we managed to somehow pull off the win at the end of double OT, UAB deserved it WAY more than we did - it was a very disappointing performance (especially after we played so well again Florida last week) and Coach Dooley said it best with, "We didn't do anything well!" Hopefully, next week we will play a little better (btw, I'm definitely NOT expecting to win against LSU in Death Valley by any means - just hoping for a better overall performance).

Saturday afternoon/evening was spent running errands, which included trying to find the perfect lamp and side table for the nursery, and watching more football (sorry Alabama friends, but I was really pulling for Arkansas Saturday). I did find a table, but am still searching for the perfect lamp - everything is either way too bulky or too expensive. Admittedly, I'm beginning to get a little frustrated with this process, but I'm still holding out hope that I'm going to find exactly what I'm looking for.

Sunday the husband had to work so I spent the day doing lots of miscellaneous little projects around the house. The nursery has arched windows above each of the regular windows. I had already bought shades for these, but too much light was still getting in (for future nap times) so I decided to put blackout liners behind the shades. This sounds like a pretty easy thing to do, right? I thought so, too. It wasn't - it ended up taking me 2 hours to get them all perfectly sized and hung so that they weren't causing the shades (that are staying as well because they look prettier) to fall out - it was pretty much a nightmare.  But they're up now; however, I still need to got back and fix a few things because from outside you can see all of the wrinkles in them and it really bothers me! :)

I also painted the table that I got on Saturday the same green as the nursery (it was black before so it only took about 3,794,471 coats of paint to cover it). Originally, I had planned to paint it white and then changed my mind at the last minute and I'm so glad I did. I love it the green color and think white would have turned out to be too much of a stark contrast against the dark mahogany furniture that's already in there.

And I hung Abby's name above her dresser - I got these letters on Etsy (the seller no longer has any listings) and I love the way they turned out for the most part (in real life, the colors are a little more on the magenta/purple side than I would have liked as opposed to pink/hot pink like the bedding & picture), but since they aren't right next to the bedding they still work really well in the room.

I also watched the Titans game, did 4 loads of laundry, and watched Desperate Housewives (I'm not a fan of Vanessa Williams joining the cast) and Brothers & Sisters.  All in all a super productive weekend!  the bump-date's below.
Image found here

How far along:  30 Weeks - I know I keep saying this, but I can't believe Abby will be here in 10 weeks (although I'm still thinking she'll be a week early - my sister & I were both 1 week early exactly - so that means 9 weeks) - I'm so not ready for this!

Stretch marks/belly button:  Nope/still technically an innie, but it's getting really flat and I'm afraid that if I didn't have a belly button ring in still that it would be an outie already.

Sleep:  It still sucks.

Symptoms:  Other than everything I've already mentioned a million times, I'm pretty sure I've started having a few braxton hicks contractions.  Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between them and her moving still (FYI, she's freaking strong for someone who's only the size of a head of lettuce!).  I've also noticed that the fatigue is returning.  I definitely can't do as much as I could even a few weeks ago without either having to go at a snail's pace or taking several breaks.

Best moment of the week:  My SIL informed me that she already has a "plan" in place for when Abby decides to make her debut so that's she'll definitely be there.  I know that there are TONS of people who are just as excited as we are for her to get here, but it's really fun to hear other people talk about it because sometimes I feel like everyone else is tired of hearing us talk about it.

What I'm looking forward to:  Baby showers and our doctor appointment Thursday.  Even though I feel her move ALL THE TIME now and I know that she's doing great, it still makes me feel so much better to hear her heartbeat!

Have a great rest of your Monday, everybody!  See you all tomorrow!


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Rachel said...

OMG those letters are PRECIOUS! Such a cute idea. I know her nursery is going to be adorable. Hope y'alls weekend was fabulous :)