Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday & Weekend Recap

Welcome back to reality, everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed your 3 day weekend as much as I did!  And to make it even better (for me anyways - sorry, I'm totally going to rub it in) I only have a 2 day work week and then I'm leaving on a jet plane...sorry about that!  Anyways, since it's Tuesday, it's time for Top 2 Tuesday over at Taylor's.  This week's topic is Fall Favorites - since I already talked about most of my favorites last week, I'll try to come up with a couple more.

1.  Fall TV Shows - Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some reality tv every now and then (FYI - I'm completely obsessed with Bachelor Pad although I hardly ever watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette), but I am so ready for my weekly staples to be new again!  I don't want to watch anymore reruns of NCIS or NCIS Los Angeles (and I'm pretty sure the husband doesn't want to either) or Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives - I'm ready for new drama!

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2.  Christmas Shopping - I LOVE Christmas shopping and I am one of those people who starts early because while I LOVE Christmas shopping, I HATE the crowds that come along with it the closer Christmas gets.  There's something about buying stuff for other people that really makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!  And this year more than ever before, since Abby's arrival could really hinder this process if she decides to come a little early, I am determined to get this finished by early November.

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Onto our fabulous weekend...we started off Friday night by having dinner with the husband's family to celebrate his dad's 60th birthday.  We got lots of quality time in with the cutest niece ever as well.  Saturday we were super productive and deep cleaned the entire house while watching football/Game Day all morning - this was definitely not preplanned; however, I'm so glad we did this because it was in desperate need!  That early afternoon I took my first trip to Katy's Hallmark to pick up Abby's baby book.  For you ladies who live in Nashville, go there immediately!  This is my new favorite place ever!  From now on, whenever I'm looking for a cute little gift this will definitely be my first stop!  But I will warn you - it's dangerous! 

Back to the baby book - I've been looking for one of these for what seems like forever now and either I couldn't find one with the pages in it that I liked or I didn't really want to spend a small fortune on it (who knew these were so freaking expensive).  Well low and behold Vera Bradley makes a baby book!  Yes, please  - sign me up NOW!  Admittedly, in an ideally perfect world it would have come in a slightly girlier pattern, but I still really like this pattern and the pages inside were exactly what I was looking for.  Not to mention it was only $25!  I'm officially in love!
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Saturday night we went back over to the in-laws to watch the Vols win their home-opener.  Football season has officially begun and I am super excited about it!  Now I just wish we could fit a trip to Knoxville to see the newly renovated stadium firsthand into our already booked up fall schedule somehow!

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Sunday the husband was working, so I spent the day trying to finish Abby's nursery.  I hung shelves and decided where I wanted the art that I'm having painted hung.  Now I just have to find accents for the shelves and it will officially be complete!  Monday was spent running errands and we finally finished registering for Abby - as much fun as that process was, I'm very happy that it's over!  All in all a very productive weekend - which was needed because we have plans for the next 6 weekends in a row!  Fall = busy, busy at our house!  Happy Tuesday, everybody!  See you tomorrow!



Heather said...

Christmas shopping can be fun! I'm already done mine though.. LOL! I got a headstart this year.

Following you from Top 2 Tuesday

Stephanie said...

I love Christmas shopping & I'm super excited for Grey's & Desperate Housewives to be back on. I can hardly wait. Love Vera Bradley so a VB baby book is even better.