Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday - NYC Edition

It's time for Thoughtless Thursday over at Katie's


This time next week I hope to be either already at or on my way to the Green Lady in NYC and, just in case you can't tell, I'M SO EXCITED!!!  Seeing as how I'll hit the 3rd trimester mark while we're there (yay!!!) we definitely are not going to jam pack our schedules this time around.  Here are the things we plan to do while we're there - everything else is just going to be played by ear depending on how tired I am and where the moment takes us.  Let's get real - I'm going to try to do every single thing I can while I'm there and am going to come back to Nashville EXHAUSTED, but it will be oh so worth it!  Abby, I hope you're ready!

Hang out with these fabulous people

Visit this wonderful lady - image found here

Visit this museum - image found here

See the animals here - image found here

Get a cupcake here - image found here

Take pictures of the city at night from here - image found here

And that, my friends, is our tentative itinerary! 

Wanna play along?  Head on over to The Fulmer Lane and link up!

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Miss Kriss said...

Yaaaay! I absolutely LOVE New York, and I am so jealous of your fabulous itinerary!

Hi there! I saw your link on Katie's blog and thought that I would come over and say hello! :) I, too, live in Nashville! I adore Grand Cayman (we got married there and I try to go back as regularly as possible!) and I scuba dive! Aaahhh!! So much in common! :)

Have a great day, girlie!